Nikam Aavaa

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Nikaṃ āvā. [kartr̥] Ṭī. Bī. Ilaṅgaratna. Koḷamba : Saman prakāśakayō, [1964]. From the University of Chicago Library.

නිකං ආවා Nikam Aavaa by ටි. බි. ඉලංගරත්න T.B. Ilangaratne.

It still boggles my mind – how different Sinhalese casual writing and traditional typographic forms look. Just look how abstract these letters are, my gosh! How differently න and ක are formed in handwriting, though they look rather similar as a typeface. Golly! Anyway, this is a neat little informal example that features a cut-out 3-d “overlap” effect, giving an indication of the path of the written stroke. Very handy! I also like this hairy little guy.


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