Hiranam Latakaniyam

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Hirānāṃ latakaṇiyāṃ. [lekhaka] ‘Sneharaśmi'(Desāī, Jhīṇābhāī). Amadāvāda : Gūrjara Grantharatna Kāryālaya, [1962]. From the University of Chicago Library.

હીરાનાં લટકણિયાં Hiranam Latakaniyam by સ્નેહરશ્મિ Snehrashmi, pen name of Jhinabhai Desai. I believe the title translates to “Hanging Diamonds”?

I love the circular pattern on the woman’s face! Looks like the artist attempted to repeat this circular theme with the letters, using lots of round shapes – but somehow the end result looks a bit more comical, less elegant to me. Some of the letters, ક for example, look like an equivalent of Gill Kayo!



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