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Saṅghajīvulu : navala / racana Isukapalli Lakṣmīnarasiṃhaśāstri. Vijayavāḍa : Viśālāndhra Pracuraṇālayaṃ, [1962]. From the University of Chicago Library.

సంఘజీవులు Sanghajeevulu (Google translates this as: ‘Social Creatures’), a Telugu novel by Isukapalli Lakshmi Narasimha Sastry.

Now this is some odd “modern” Telugu! The high-contrast, very upright, very constructed style looks so weird to me! Some strange details in here… the tick marks of స and ఘ resemble rotated exclamation ! marks – harking back to the handwritten form (which might loop at the bottom) – and the ” ు” shapes of ఘ and వు have that little stroke that extends into the counter… but the లు is not treated similarly. Interesting!



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