Additional resources about South Asian scripts and typography

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Script and language

Omniglot – Possibly the best online resource available, showing basic alphabets and functionality of different world writing systems. Information about Indic syllabic alphabets can be found here.

Ancient Scripts – Information on modern and historic scripts used in the region.

ScriptSource – A collaborative resource with plenty of technical information, ScriptSource seeks to “bridge the gap between the designer, developer, linguist and user.”

Wikipedia Languages of India page – In case you haven’t looked there yet. Tons of great introductory info on Wikipedia.

Manuscript catalogs, historical resources — , Google Books , Hathi Trust – Many old books in the public domain have been scanned and made available through these sites. Can be very helpful for research.

Digital Library of India – I personally haven’t figured out to get the books to load, but it looks like this might be useful.

National Mission for Manuscripts – Indian Government initiative to locate, preserve, and catalog manuscripts. I wish they hosted images!

IGNCA – Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts’ catalog of manuscripts. (Might be the same as NMM)

 Schools and organizations

TypoDay conference – International typography conference held annually, hosted by Indian design schools.

Aksharaya – Association of letter-conscious people; host workshops and events.

Granshan conference – International conference of non-Latin script enthusiasts.

CDAC – Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.

NID – National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

IDC at ITT Bombay – Offers a visual communications major with typography and lettering modules.

University of Reading – Post-graduate program with a focus on non-Latin typeface design, taught by Dr. Fiona Ross. Student work can be seen here.

SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Excellent library and special collections.

— Type foundries and Fonts —

ITF – Indian Type Foundry, founded by Satya Rajpurohit, is a leading force in new Indic and Latin font development in India.

EkType – Ek Type is a collective of type designers focused on designing contemporary Indian typefaces.

Design Difference  – Specializing in Malayalam typefaces.

Adobe Indics – Adobe is currently designing a new range of Indic typefaces, available via Typekit.

Monotype Indics – Monotype’s digital font catalog includes many of the South Asian scripts. – Another venue for Monotype’s collection.

Google Fonts – Libre Indic fonts, currently in Devanagari and Telugu.

Modular Infotech – A very large catalog of fonts for use within their typesetting software, as well as some unicode-compliant OTF designs.

Font Development Resources —

Microsoft’s Indic OpenType development – Guide for typeface designers and font developers. Explains Indic shaping engine, as well as how to create features.

Adhesiontext – Sample text generator with Indic script support

Google Fonts on GitHub – Repository of source files of the Google Fonts Indic projects, all Open-Source.

Design With FontForge: Devanagari – Links and advice for Devanagari font creation.

Design and type link portals 

Design in India – Large portal of links

D’source – Extensive government-sponsored design resource run by IDC at IIT Bombay, NID at Bangalore, and DOD at IIT Guwahati.

Luc Devroye’s Indic type index – Luc, prolific cataloger of type designers and font resources, takes on the Indic world with this massive list.