Hindi Rinny is a collection of South Asian lettering, type, and writing.

Since 2007, I’ve been studying South Asian writing systems and collecting images of letters that span the gamut – the good, the bad, the strange, the beautiful. I hope that the collection inspires you to learn more about Indic scripts, and helps foster discussion, exploration, and innovation.

Hindi Rinny, aka Erin McLaughlin

The blog is compiled by me, Erin McLaughlin, a typeface designer living in Wichita, KS, USA. I work to create new, quality fonts in Indic scripts so that users can read, write, and express themselves with greater ease. I’ve recently designed Adobe Kannada and two Devanagari typefaces for Google FontsKhula a companion to Open Sans, and Yantramanav, a companion to Roboto. I am presently finalizing two new open source Kannada and Gurmukhi designs as well.

Previously, I worked at H&FJ, and graduated from the MATD program, where I researched the history of early printing in Kannada and Telugu and designed Katari, which I hope to finally publish this year.

I began the original blog as a means to practice Hindi and learn the Devanagari script, but it quickly became a place for me to learn about ALL of the South Asian scripts, and to learn from all of you lovely readers and commenters!

Submissions, suggestions, and corrections are always welcome!

Email:  hello@erinmclaughlin.com
Twitter: @hindirinny
Instagram: hindirinny
LinkedIn: Erin McLaughlin


Oh, and, “Rinny” is just my family’s nickname for me.