Hindi Rinny is a collection of South Asian lettering, type, and writing

Since 2007, I’ve been studying South Asian writing systems and collecting images of letters that span the gamut – the good, the bad, the strange, the beautiful. The images come from objects in my own collection and travels, as well as books from public and private libraries, especially the great collection at The University of Chicago.

I began the original blog as a means to practice typing in the Hindi language and learn the Devanagari script, so I named it “Hindi Rinny” (Rinny  is my dad’s nickname for me), but it quickly turned into a visual archive for interesting Devanagari letterforms that I found on the internet – since I live very far away from India and they are hard to come by in the USA.

With the help of Wikipedia and Omniglot, my interest in Indic scripts grew, and soon this blog became a place for me to post about ALL of the South Asian scripts. (I’ve thought about changing the name to something that reflects the new breadth of focus, but I’m conflicted!) 

Unfortunately, I still don’t speak Hindi, or any of the other Indian languages, so I’m doing my best to transliterate and translate the images I post. I encourage readers to post corrections and add comments whenever possible!

I hope that this collection inspires you to learn more about Indic scripts, and helps foster discussion, exploration, and innovation.

About me

erin_mclaughlin_headshotThe blog is compiled by me, Erin McLaughlin, a typeface designer, font engineer, and consultant living in the USA. My aim is to create new, quality fonts in Indic scripts so that users can read, write, and express themselves with greater ease.

I’ve designed Adobe Kannada for Adobe, and several libre fonts for Google Fonts:  Khula a Devanagari companion to Open SansYantramanav, a Devanagari companion to Roboto; BhuTuka Extended Onea Gurmukhi companion to the wide thin weight of BioRhyme, and Hubballi, an original Kannada/Latin typeface. I’ve also recently worked with TypeTogether to create a Devanagari typeface soon to be released.

Previously, I worked as a typeface designer at Hoefler & Frere-Jones in New York, focusing on projects like Landmark, Nitro/Turbo, and Tungsten. I’ve had the joy of working on Frere-Jones Type‘s Malloryand continue to work on other Latin type projects as well. I am a new co-host of Fontribute, have recently joined the board of SOTA, and help to organize TypeCon.

I graduated from the MATD program, where I researched the history of early printing in Kannada and Telugu and designed the Devanagari/Latin typeface Katari, which I hope to publish soon!

Submissions, suggestions, and corrections to the blog are always welcome!

Email:  hello@erinmclaughlin.com
Twitter: @hindirinny
Instagram: hindirinny
LinkedIn: Erin McLaughlin