Malayala Sahithya Vimarsanam

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Malayāḷasāhitya vimarśanaṃ : sāhityavimarśanaṃ / Pi.Vi. Vēlāyudhanpiḷḷa. Kōṭṭayaṃ : Vitaraṇaṃ Nāṣanal Bukk St̲āḷ, 1981. From the University of Chicago Library.

മലയാള സാഹിത്യ വിമർശനം Malayala Sahithya Vimarsanam by പി.വി. വേലായുധൻപിള്ള P.V. Velayudhan Pilla

A book of Malayalam Literary Criticism with simple, somber cover. Interesting how the ി vowel overhangs the consonant in many of these combinations, saving lots of vertical space and making a very compact design. Very round letterforms with interesting negative spaces. Simple but cool.



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