Kalaththile Kadithangal

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Kaḷattilē kaṭitaṅkaḷ : el̲uttuc cīrtiruttam / Cālai Iḷantiraiyan̲, Cālin̲i Iḷantiraiyan̲. New Delhi : Saalai Publications ; Cen̲n̲ai : vir̲pan̲ai urimai, Tamil̲p Puttakālayam, 1979. From the University of Chicago Library.

களத்திலே கடிதங்கள்: எழுத்துச் சீர்திருத்தம் Kalaththile Kadithangal : Eluththuch Sheerthiruththaththai by சாலை-சாலினி Salai – Salini (Ilanthiraiyan)

I believe that this translates to “Letters to the Floor: Clerical Reform”. Written by Salai and Salini Ilanthiraiyan. There looks to be plenty of information about Salai and Salini on this “Tanglish” page (transliterated Tamil), but it would take me a while to Google translate this, so I’ll refrain! But clearly, they were accomplished writers!

Language and grammar books appear at the beginning of the foreign language sections in libraries, so I end up photographing a lot of book covers about the subject of writing (if I’m trying to photograph systematically). So for me, it’s especially fun to see what methods the cover designer will use to try to convey such a broad/ambiguous topic. Usually, I see a lot of “dry” “academic” type stuff, but this example is a lot more lively and interesting. I can’t decide whether I like the title or subtitle (at the top) lettering better. Very cool.



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