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Sāhityadīpti : nirūpaṇaṃ / Tāyāṭṭ Śaṅkaran. [Talaśśēri] : Tāyāṭṭ Śaṅkaran ; Kōṭṭayaṃ : Vitaraṇaṃ, Nāṣanal Bukkst̲āḷ, 1983. From the University of Chicago Library.

സാഹിത്യദീപ്തി Sahityadipti, a compendium of articles on Malayalam literature by തായാട്ട് ശങ്കരൻ Tayatt Sankaran, 1983.

It’s fun to see a very round, looping script like Malayalam rendered with hard edges, corners, and unpredictable stroke contrast. the way the letters seem to be confined by an invisible rectangular barrier makes me think that this was inspired by wood block prints – or perhaps was even designed by those methods.

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