Bacano Walait Ai

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Bacano walaita āī; nāwala. Garewāla, Piṅkī. Jalandhara : Ḍālasina Pabalisharaza, [1968] From the University of Chicago Library.

ਬਚਨੋ ਵਲੈਤ ਆਈ (Bacano Walait Aaii? Not sure how to best transliterate), by ਪਿੰਕੀ ਗਰੇਵਾਲ Pinki Grewal, 1968.

I couldn’t resist the amazing fluorescent CMYK colors of this cover, with satisfying moments of overprinting (the greens and purples). The title lettering is also quite fantastic – an extra-wide, low-contrast style with some wedged corners. Some of the elements (vowel signs and the “serif” endings on the strokes) are a little disjointed, but it’s still charming. I recently made a super-wide Gurmukhi typeface, BhuTuka Gurmukhi, so I’m very fond of this territory!

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