Tamil Ovomalt Chalkboard ad

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Page from Tin̲amaṇi katir. Dinamani kadir illustrated weekly. Madras, M. Cunchithapatham. Vol 19 July–Sept 1974. From the University of Chicago Library.

An advertisement for ஓவோமால்ட் Ovomalt beverage, found in the Tamil magazine Dinamani Kathir, 1974.
The boy writes “அம்மா தருவா ஓவோமால்ட் பெரிசா பலமா வளர்வேனே” on the chalkboard (at least that’s my guess at the transcription). Instagram follower @pav_ee kindly translated this for us: “My mom gives me Ovomalt and I’ll grow bigger and stronger.”
The interesting, playful “handwriting” really caught my eye. I especially love the way that ஓ was drawn, with a very low descending loop.

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