Medimix Soap ad

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Page from Udayavāni Dīpāvaḷi viśēṣāṅka. Manipal : Manipal Printers and Publishers, 1984. From the University of Chicago Library.

An advertisement for ಮೆಡಿಮಿಕ್ಸ್ ಸಾಬೂನು Medimix Soap. The ayurvedic soap is still around today, though its branding has completely changed. The quirky lettering is no more.

I am enjoying the crazy shatter effect on the background text. Twitter friend @nripatunga has helped translate the text, ಉಚಿತ ಚಿನ್ನದ (correct spelling) ಆಭರಣಗಳು, that you can win “free gold jewelry” in some sort of contest.

I’ve always enjoyed when commercial artists use the repetition and pattern in their work. I’m a big fan of this eye-catching page.



  1. “ಉಚಿತ ಚಿನ್ನದ ಆಭರಣಗಳು” “uchita chinnada aaBharanagalu” means “free gold coins”

    1. Author

      Thank you so much, Praveen! It looks like the ad’s artist misspelled ಚಿನ್ನದ 🙂 Whoops!

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