Kanuva Goda Gedara

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Kānuvagoḍa gedara / Ăn. Ṭī. Karuṇātilaka. Koḷamba : Ăs. Goḍagē, 1979. From the University of Chicago Library.

කණුව ගොඩ ගෙදර Kanuva Goda Gedara by ඇත්. ටී. කරුණාතිලක N.T. Karunathilaka.

Could not find any information about the book or author, but Google translates the title as “Tower building home” – hmm…?

Though the binding has cropped the title a bit, I wanted to include this due to its egg-like letterforms in the title. Those oval shapes are pretty interesting, reminds me a tad of Hobo. There is a slight “Latin reverse-contrast” styling to this, with weight at both the top and bottom of the shapes.

Also, I might have been a bit swayed by the really interesting color choices and overprinting methods in the illustration. Great stuff!

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