Bomma Borusu

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Bommā-borusu : nāṭakam / [racana] Ādiviṣṇu. Vijayavāḍa : Aruṇā Pabliṣiṅ Haus, [1971]. University of Chicago Library.

బొమ్మా బొరుసు Bomma Borusu by ఆదివిష్ణు Adivishnu.

A play by Telugu author Adivishnu. The title might translate to “Heads or Tails”, but I’m not sure. (Based on this clue)

I’ll never tire of seeing this Telugu lettering style. Very popular in the early 1970s, from what I’ve observed. Large vowel signs, chunky strokes, undulating baselines. Very lively! And this drop shadow makes it pop, and leaves traces of overprinting, which I find so charming.


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