Hiraman High School

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Hīrāmana Hāī Skūla / Kusuma Kumāra. Nayī Dillī : Neśanala Pabliśiṅga Hāusa, 1989. From the University of Chicago Library.

हीरामन हाई स्कूल Hiraman High School by कुसुम कुमार Kusum Kumar.

A novel about a high school, apparently, by Hindi playwright and poet Kusum Kumar. I wasn’t able to gather any further information about the book, but Hiraman apparently is a real school in Gujarat. Hmm.

The lettering is of course what interested me in the book 🙂 Exciting, rough, scratchy lettering, using many straight segments to create the letters. The simplified र is a nice touch!


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