Ananya Prantar

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Ananya prāntara. [Likhaka] Medinī Caudhurī. Guwāhāṭī, Guwāhāṭī Buka Shṭala [1972]. From the University of Chicago Library.

অনন্য প্রান্তৰ Ananya Prantar by মেদিনী চৌধুৰী Medini Choudhury.

Google translates the title as “Unique Desert”. Ananya Prantar is “a book on the local influences on spoken Assamese, written in the form of a travelogue,” by novelist and journalist Medini Choudhury.

This dusty cover is so interesting to me. At first, I thought it looked like a map, an aerial view of a bay or something. But after looking at it for ages, I finally see that there are two face profiles, one on the left, one in the right bottom corner, with perhaps a hand pointed to the second figure’s chin? Very unusual. And the stencil lettering of Prantar was similarly confusing to me! Took a minute for me to figure it out. I thought maybe I was looking at a থা and a Devanagari ड for a minute there 🙂

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