Kotta Alludu

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Kotta alluḍu / Koḍavaṭigaṇṭi Kuṭumbarāvu. Vijayavāḍa : Navōdaya Pabliṣarsu, 1962. From the University of Chicago Library.

కొత్త అల్లుడు Kotta Alludu (The New Law) by కొడవటిగంటి కుటుంఒరావు Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao.

Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao was a novelist, journalist, and screenwriter. According to his website biography, he “has imparted the scientific outlook to literature”, and focused on working-class struggles and other contemporary issues. A few of his stories, translated into English, can be found here.

How fun, to see Telugu rotated like this, looking like a cool new East Asian vertically-written script. I love seeing lettering written in this sort of thick, assertive, playful style.


  1. The text is vivd but the shirt is next level, the whole illustration is crisp. Btw Kotta Alludu means ‘the new son-in-law’ not (The New Law)
    Thanks for sharing your finds, respect.

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