Kahat Kathir Dhamalko

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Kahata kathīra dhamālako. Guṇavantarāya Ācārya. Mumbaī : Āra. Āra. Śeṭhanī Kampanī, 1965. From the University of Chicago Library.

કહત કથીર ધમાલકો Kahat Kathir Dhamalko, by ગુણવંતરાય આચાર્ય Gunvantrai Acharya.

Gunvantrai Acharya was a Gujarati author who wrote adventure novels, humor, mystery, historical, and humor novels, as well as short story collections and plays. I couldn’t find any information about this particular book, or even translations of the title words, and our only clue is the cover illustration, featuring two sadhus.

I’m loving the way that these boxy Gujarati letterforms interlock.


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