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Ṭraṅkāl, by Civacaṅkari. Cen̲n̲ai : Tirumakaḷ Nilaiyam, 1980.. From the University of Chicago Library.

டிரங்கால் Tirankaal, by சிவசங்கரி Sivasankari.

When an author’s name is more prominent on the cover than the title of the book, you know they’re prolific and well-loved. Sivasankari is a celecbrated Tamil author and activist, penning over 150 short stories, 30 novels, and 13 travelogs.

Her voice is included in the U.S. Library of Congress’ South Asian Literary Recordings project, which is pretty cool. Also, here’s a lengthy interview.

The colors of this cover are so vibrant! Kudos to the U of Chicago library crew for preserving this, and other paperback novels, so well.


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