Kavita Mein Jeene Ka Sukh

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Kavitā meṃ jīne kā sukha by Chavinātha Miśra. Kalakattā : Svara Samaveta, 1987. From the University of Chicago Library.

कविता में जीने का सुख Kavita Mein Jeene Ka Sukh (The happiness of living in poetry… or something like that!), Hindi poems by छविनाथ मिश्र Chhavinath Mishra.

I really like this giant क, breaking up the space, and holding the title text in its counter. Also interesting to me: look at that ख! Is it just me, or is that too similar to what a रव combo would look like?



  1. Your translation is correct and yes, that ख is the combo of रव. I remember myself writing ख that way in my childhood during school examinations.

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