Deewana MAD magazine

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Deewana magazines, early 1970s. From the University of Chicago Library.

दीवाना Deewana, “Crazy”. In the University of Chicago Library archives, I found a few years’ worth of Hindi MAD magazines from the early 1970s. The Alfred E. Neuman mascot seen on English-language MAD covers has been replaced by this buck-toothed, unibrowed lad! Here, he’s making “fresh orange juice” using a typical India juice machine in reverse order, and is dressed as Krishna on the right. I haven’t been able to find any information about the magazine online, unfortunately.




  1. I remembered Deewana
    Tej from 1970.
    It contained lot of fun.
    Specially Movies and

  2. It was very funny magazine I ever had . I preserved one copy, In which my photo was published in Penfriend column.

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