Puvana Ennum Puyal

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Puvana Ennum Puyal, Anuradha Rahmanan. Published by Tirumakal Nilaiyam, 1987. Photo taken 2o15, Chicago Public Library.

புவனா என்னும் புயல் , Puvana Ennum Puyal (Bhuvana the storm?)  a novel written by அனுராதா ரமனன், Anuradha Rahmanan. What a delightful cover, with interesting colors and three different lettering styles. I unfortunately can’t quite make out the artist’s signature on the lower right corner, but perhaps one of you readers can? It’s so rare that the artist is attributed! I’d love to look them up!

And here is a rotated, closer look at the lettering used for the author, அனுராதா ரமனன் (with a little pulli dot that resembles the girl’s bindi) and publisher, திருமகள் நிலையம்


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