Four styles of Tibetan

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Om mani padme hum, a sacred mantra, written in Lentsa, Uchen, Drutsa, and Ume styles of the Tibetan script. From the book, Sacred Calligraphy of the East, by John Stevens.

The author describes the styles: Lentsa, used for mystic monograms and seed syllables; Uchen, a book script often carved in wood; Drutsa, a decorative script for title pages of books; Ume, a cursive hand script.



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    Tashi, hello again! I trust you more than the 1970s book that I found this in. Hehe. I’ll update the graphic. Thanks, and I will totally link to your work again soon – it’s fabulous!

  2. I hope you can help !! I need to use the “Om mani padme hum” prayer (in Uchen) in a piece of furniture I am constructing. I am finding it hard to find this script text in any font I can transfer into a CAD drawing to use in a CNC program to carve this out. Is there a specific font I can download for somewhere and if so where ? many thanks, Mick

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