Uttor Bonger Shreshtho Kobita

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Uttarabaṅgera śreshṭha kabitā / Biśvanātha Dāsa sampādita. Kalakātā : Niu Beṅgala Presa, 1390 [1983]. From the University of Chicago Library.

উত্তর বঙ্গের শ্রেষ্ঠ কবিতা Uttor Bonger Sreshtho Kobita (North Bengal Best Poetry), বিশ্বনাথ দাস সম্পাদিত Biswanath Das Sampadit (Edited by Biswanath Das).

Hope that I am transliterating this correctly. The inherent “a” vowels typically turn into an “o” sound in Bangla, so I’m never quite sure. In any case, I LOVE this style of lettering. Rough, filled-in forms that use counters and negative space in a playful way. Absolutely love it. Can’t forget the spine, either! The same treatment, in all black, was used. Might be even more stunning!

Uttor Bonger lettering book spine

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