Avane Deivam

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Avanē teyvam / [el̲utiyavar] Mayilvākan̲an̲. Cen̲n̲ai : Kumaravēl Piracuram, [1964]. From the University of Chicago Library.

அவனே தெய்வம் Avane Deivam, மயில்வாகனன் Mayilvaganan, 1964

Some fantastic outlined, angular lettering on this Tamil booklet with bright, fluorescent colors! Can’t believe the inks have lasted this long!

Apologies for mistakes in the transliteration. Tamil is especially difficult for someone like me, since its letters don’t follow the same sort of transliteration rules as other Brahmi-derived scripts, with letters representing more than one sound. Please send corrections whenever they’re needed! 🙂

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