Stanley and Harry Sprayers ads

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Ads from Akhaṇ̣ḍa ānanda, Gujarati literature journal. Amadāvāda : Bhikshu Akhaṇḍānanda Ṭrasṭa. 1978. From the University of Chicago Library.

It’s always interesting to see Indic/Latin logo comparisons.

You can see in the top ad that the artist had attempted a very literal 1:1 translation of the treatment of the letters in “Stanley”. In સ્ટેનલી, the Gujarati “S” સ્ was drawn much larger, and the “y” ી has inherited a horizontal tail that sweeps below.

Another interesting aspect of this ad, to me at least, is the very very subtle (perhaps too subtle) difference between the ચ and ય  in “switch gears” સવીચ ગીયર્સ .

In the lower ad, for Harry Sprayers, an insect sprayer, there appears to be less of a connection between the Latin and Gujarati. If the forms of હૅરી સ્પ્રેયર્સ were a bit more dense, it would be a closer match.


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