Manahsthitiyon Ki Minaren

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Manaḥsthitiyoṃ kī mīnāreṃ / Jayakumāra Kiraṇa. [Baṛanagara] : Svetā Prakāśana, 1976. From the University of Chicago Library.

मनःस्थितियों की मीनारें Manahsthitiyon Ki Minaren by जयकुमार किरण Jayakumar Kiran.

Google’s translation of this is “Psychotropic conditions minarets”… hmm. I have my doubts. Well, it’s something about your state of mind. Maybe someone could submit a translation for us?

I just love this informal, spiky lettering. It’s also the first visarga ( ः) I’ve seen in my image collection thus far, which is fun. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the title at first, due to the lack of word spaces, and the odd placement of the top “swoosh” of the ि vowel in स्थि, which is not aligned to its vertical stroke. Weird!


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