Ranantil Savalya

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Rānāntīla sāvalyā. [lekhaka] Bhānū Śiradhanakara. [Puṇẽ] : Manohara Granthamālā, 1962. From the University of Chicago Library.

रानांतील सावल्या Ranantil Savalya by भानू शिरधनकर Bhanu Shiradhankar.

A Marathi book, title might translate to “Left in the Shadows”?

Interestingly, सावल्या is the correct spelling, but doesn’t it look like this: सांवल्या? And the Ya looks like a Tha? How odd! In any case, I like the fragmented composition. Unfortunately, it has been cut off just a bit by the book binders. Darn!



  1. Can you let me know where is this book exactly and is it available for readers

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