Nathi Hun Narayani

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Nathī huṃ Nārāyaṇī. [lekhaka] Śivakumāra Jośī. Amadāvāda : Rekhā Sahakārī Prakāśana, [1969]. From the University of Chicago Library.

નથી હું નારાયણી Nathi Hun Narayani by શિવકુમાર જોશી Shivkumar Joshi.

Title might translate to “I am not Narayani”? Correct me if I’m wrong! Naryani is a woman’s name (also of a Goddess).

Fantastic modifications of this title lettering. Angular swashes that run underneath the baseline, twists, and turns! Let’s rotate it to take a closer look!



  1. Do you know who is responsible for this design (or any of the designs in this blog)? Do you track down that sort of info?

    1. Author

      Hi Keith, I’m so sorry that I’m just seeing this now! Unfortunately, the artists aren’t usually credited. And if they DID sign their work, they typically don’t have websites or information online devoted to their work. Most of these images I’ve been posting are from the late 60s and 70s, so that makes it even more difficult.

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