Madhuvidhu Vinnu Shesham

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Madhuvidhuvinnuśēṣaṃ : kavitakaḷ / Akkittaṃ. Tr̥śśivapērūr : Maṅgalōdayaṃ, 1966. From the University of Chicago Library.

മധുവിധു വിന്നു ശേഷം Madhuvidhu Vinnu Shesham by അക്കിത്തം Akkitham.

“After the Honeymoon”, poem collection by Malayalam poet and essayist and social activist, Akkitham.

The wedge serifs that were so popular in late 50s/early 60s lettering in the Latin script world have found themselves tacked on to Malayalam letterforms! Odd, but I kind of like it here to be honest!


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