Seriffed Surati shop

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Photo taken: March 2011, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Little Latin script serifs have been added to the Gujarati letters of this food vendor’s shop sign in Mumbai. The ર સ and ફ look especially thorny!

Here’s an attempt at translating some of the lines:
ચોખા – Cokha (Rice)
સુરતી મઢીની – Surati, Madhini (possibly referring to a town, Madhi?)
તુવેરદાળ – Tuver Dal (Pigeon Pea)
બરફી ગોળ – Barfi, Gol (Jaggery)
સુરતી વિણેલા – Surati Vinela (vanilla?)
કઠોળ – Kathol (pulses)
લંચ ટાઈમ – (lunch time)
૧-૩૦ થી ૩ (1:30 – 3)

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