Roothi Rani

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Roothi Rani, 1987. From the Chicago Public Library. 

रूठी रानी Roothi Rani (The Angry Queen) by आचार्य चतुरसेन Acharya Chatursen. (My apologies for the fact that the cover is slightly chopped on the right side!)

Acharya Chatsuren was a prolific Hindi writer, publishing historical fiction novels, short stories, and even non-fiction books on health and medicine. I am unsure of the relationship between this book, and Premchand’s Roothi Rani story published in 1907. I assume this might be a re-telling of the same story? If anyone knows, please comment!

I find the illustration very striking – I just had to share it. I also find the extended, monolinear lettering of Chatsuren’s name to be very elegant. Would love to see a typeface based on this!

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