Odia abhidhana

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A squat inline and an extravagant, pointed-top, outlined Odiya title on the cover page of Chātrabandhu Oḍiā abhidhāna, written by Nilakantha Rath, 1962. Do you think this is wood type? The India crest on the lower-half of the page definitely appears to be a wood block print. If I ever get a tattoo, that is a leading candidate.

The supporting text is set in a monolinear Odiya typeface, with a bold version whose lines become thicker, and whose proportions become wider. I like it quite a bit more than the common Odiya monolinear fonts that I’ve seen in modern books! Very delicate and warm!

Book was found at the Ames Library of South Asia, University of Minnesota – a fabulous resource. Check it out if you’re in the Midwest…


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