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Soothran, an Indian jackal, instructs some snakes to shimmy into the shapes of letters in this comic. Spelling out words in Malayalam, they apparently end up enraging Kadiyan the lion. I need to translate the words!

More on Soothran, the comic strip at Wikipedia.

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  1. Story title: Soothran

    Soothran – a fox – an intelligent one. Character name meaning – “Knows tricks”
    Kadiyan – a lion – cruel – Character name meaning – “Who bites” – Shows his aggressive nature.

    Screen 1
    Soothran(Fox): (to snakes)you guys just stay here. I can bring Kadiyan(Lions name) there.

    Screen 2:shot 1
    Soothran:(to snakes)Then I will ask “who is the most courageous in the world?”
    screen 2:shot 2:
    Soothran:(to snakes) Then what you will do?

    Screen 3:
    Snakes: Here it is!
    Snakes display the word “Kadiyan” the lion’s name.
    Soothran: (Applauds) great!

    Screen 4:shot 1
    Soothran again: Whats the sound if kadiyan(Lion) slaps?
    shot 2:
    Snakes display: “Pde” sound of slap.

    Screen 5:
    shot 1:
    Soothran: (mutters) This is enough to make Kadiyan happy.
    shot 2:
    Soothran:(going to bring lion) No better idea to make happy him.
    Author: Soothran’s trick is to impress the lion “kadiyan”

    Screen 6:
    Soothran with Kadiyan the lion.
    Soothran: (to Kadiyan)Common. they can write any answers. See?
    Soothran again: Who is the most courageous in the world?

    Screen 7:
    Snakes display lions name “Kadiyan”
    Kadiyan: Fantastic guys.(with wonder)
    Soothran: (to snakes)Now show how kadiyan slams the elphant?

    Screen 8:

    Shot 1:
    Snakes show the word ‘Pde” a slapping sound.
    Kadiyan the lion(laughs and exclaims): How they could learn this!
    Soothran: Who doesnt know abt Kadiyan the lion.

    Shot 2:
    Kadiyan:Next I wanna ask some?
    : Write another word for bird?

    Screen 9:
    Shot 1:
    Snakes display another word with same meaning. But that was complicated.
    Snakes: Who the hell found these words?
    Shot 2:
    Kadiyan: Next question. Show another word which has same meaning “fish”.

    Screen 10:
    Shot 1:
    Snakes display a word which has the same meaning as fish.
    This time it has too complex and snakes lost the temper.
    Snakes: foo.. gone my back!!
    Kadiyan: (continues qn)Now show twelve.
    Shot 2:
    One Snake: (to themselves) Hell twelve now! I cant do.
    second snake: Ideaa!!!!

    Screen 11:
    Shot 1:
    Snakes display the word: “No”
    Kadiyan wonders: ehh.. why?
    Shot 2;
    Snakes display another word: “Get lost”
    Kadiyan:(lost the temper): They are teasing me.

    Screen 12:

    Kadiyan slams Soothran by saying “You brought me here to tease?”
    Snakes display : “he he” laughing sound.


    About Soothran:

    This features in a malayalam comic book “Soothran”
    One more character is featuring with Soothran. He is “Sheru” A tiger – a coward and fool.

    Comment: Intenstion is just to spread this across no malayalees. Not for any financial gain.
    Also translation is just wierd as there are no apt words for malayalam usages.
    Quality of translation is average becoz of my poor communication skills.
    Author will not be liable for the illegal use of the Soothran cartoons or its content.

    Contact Malayala manorama, a leading daily in India for details.
    For English Balarama(a bookl for children by Malayala manorama publishes Soothran cartoons).
    http://WWW.manoramaonline.com, online subscription is also possible I think.

    1. Author

      Thanks so very much for the translation, Giri! What a great surprise. 🙂

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