Litho film posters

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An amazing snapshot of hand-drawn, brightly-colored Kannada lithographic posters.

Matt Lee, illustrator and educator in Bengaluru, Karnataka, has documented these locally-made posters in context, often pasted directly next to the commercially-printed, large and glossy film posters. An interesting juxtaposition of lettering!

Incredibly, he has also captured the actual printers and people behind the posters on video. Totally amazing and worth a look: Macho Men and Flirtatious Women!



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  2. I am amazed by the litho posters of the southern india, esp in Bangalore. I wish to use this technique poster in my project. We are using retro/old hindi movies such as Bobby, Chaila Babu etc and turning them into litho poster styles. Please could you help me to get the contact for the maker/illustrator of the litho style movie posters that you know off.

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