Mickey Mouse sound effects

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Images from Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse comic book, #22, 1996. Purchased in Mumbai, 2010.

मिकी माऊस – Here’s a Hindi language Mickey Mouse comic book from 1996, with Donald “beating the carpet” :/ – what an unfortunate cover. I wanted to share the friendly, hand-lettered Mickey Mouse titling, though. Unfortunately, the rest of the comic is typeset, rather than written by hand — that would have been cool to see. But! I did find some fun surprises inside:

धप्प! धप्प! धप्प! Dhapp! Dhapp! Dhapp!
घूंऽऽऽ! Ghoooom!
सर्रर्र! Sarrrr!

It’s so fun to learn how sounds are interpreted in another written language. Also lots of fun to see the “ऽ” symbol, Avagraha, in use! It is used to indicate an exaggerated, lengthened vowel sound.

Here are a few other sounds I found in the comic:

खुर्र… खूँ…  khurr khoom
खूर्रऽऽऽ खूँऽऽऽ khooorrrr khooooom
शूँऽऽऽ! shooooom!
खर्रऽऽफूँ!! khrrrrphoom!
छपाक!  chpaak!
धड़ाक! drdhak!
भड़ाक! bhdhak!
झन्नक! jhnnak!
घड़…घड़…घड़…  ghddh… ghddh… ghddh
हूऽऽ हूऽऽ!  hooo hooo!
ज़ज़ज़…  zzz…
ओऽ ओऽऽऽ जाने जाना  Ohh, ohhhh, Jaane jaana! (o, my dearest!)
टा टूँ! टा टूँ!  ttaa ttuun! ttaa ttuun!
जूँऽऽऽऽ joooooom! (or zoooom!)
आऽऽऽ ऊऽऽऽ  aaaah oooh!


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